About Coldhak

Coldhak is a nonprofit dedicated to furthering privacy, security, and freedom of speech.

You can find Coldhak directors on IRC at ircs://irc.oftc.net:6697 #coldhak .


  • Legal Name: Jeremy Hiebert
  • Occupation: Security Consultant at Online Business Systems

Jer is one of the founding directors of Coldhak. He has spoken on podcasts, at workshops, and conferences about security, hacking, and secure coding.



  • Legal Name: Theodore Baschak
  • Occupation: Network Architect at Daemon Defense Systems

One of the founding directors of Coldhak, Theo is an Internet routing guru, and lives and breathes BGP. He is on the board of directors for the Manitoba Internet Exchange. He is also an avid opensource user and documentation contributor.



  • Legal Name: Colin Childs
  • Occupation: Tor Project

Colin is an anonymity and privacy advocate. He is one of the founding directors of Coldhak, and actively develops coldkernel / assists in running Coldhak’s Tor relays.


Robert Keizer

  • Legal Name: Robert Keizer
  • Occupation: Startup CTO, System, Dev, Director for a few non profits

Rob Keizer is a developer, music lover, startup junkie, and privacy zealot. Believer in the “starfish principle” he works towards doing what he can, out of a sense of obligation. “Technology is a tool; Let’s use it well”.